About iNOVA

Welcome to iNOVA

The iNOVA tablet is the pinnacle of affordable technology. Each iNOVA is designed with power and cutting edge features in mind. With a slim and sleek look, our devices are built to impress you and those around you.

Each quality iNOVA tablet comes with a 1 year manufacturer's warranty. Our customer and technical support teams are at your disposal to help you. Whether that means walking you through how to set up your new device, or replacing a defective unit, we will work with you to provide the best service we can. Communication, our ability to get things done, and superior quality products put us above the competition.

We are an international company with a hometown feel. We are headquartered in beautiful upstate New York where we handle our customer service, marketing, order processing, returns, and sales. We ship from all over the world. Our warehouses are located in California, Miami, and the United Kingdom, and we have offices and facilities in China. Our extensive network and partnerships provide our customers with affordable and advanced products at a fraction of the cost.

The next time you are shopping for the latest in tablet technology, think iNOVA. iNOVA provides you power, speed, and quality all in a stylish device. Be better, be the frontrunner, be iNOVA.

About Our Team

Quality products are important, but so are quality workers. We invest heavily into the development and education of our employees to maximize their potential. When we do better, you get better service.
Strong Partnerships

The relationships we've developed with vendors have provided us with the latest in technological advancements. We integrate these new technologies into each and every one of our products.
Product Supply Line

We deal in large volumes with our affiliates and as a result, we compete on an economy of scale. Our prices can't be beat and we offer our customers the best in pricing options.
Extensive Experience

Just remove this one, it adds nothing to what we do.